Apply to the Spring cohort here!

If you are looking for a team, check out LLP’s team formation hub.

To learn more about the class, feel free to watch the recorded information session or to look at the slides from the information session.

Teams can apply with their own ideas or  a list of ideas selected by VCs. 

Office Hours: Use this link to sign up to chat with the teaching team — Steve Blank, Jennifer Carolan, Heidi Roizen, Steve Weinstein  — during their office hours or for help finding teammates in February!

Apply by 11:59pm on:

  • Friday February 26th, 2021 (Spring cohort)

1. Form a team of four of five

You will need at least one technical team member who can build and iterate on your MVP, and it is highly recommended that at least least one of you is inscribed at the Engineering School.

We do not allow teams working on international markets only, or cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or gun related projects.

While we’ve had special instances of teams with undergrads getting into the class, preference is given to grad students.

If you have an idea you’d like to incubate in Lean Launchpad, but have not formed a team, or if you want to participate in the class, but do not have a specific idea, start by adding yourself to the team formation and mailing list, and attend the meetup sessions we will be hosting before the application deadline.

2. Apply

Fill out the application template found here.

  • If you have specific questions about the application, attend Info Sessions and Office Hours.
  • Teams will be notified by 11/18/20 (Winter) and 03/01/2021 (Spring) about whether they qualify for an interview and how to sign up. 
  • Interviews will be on 11/20/2020 (Winter) and 03/03/2021 (Spring), and all team members must be present. For extenuating circumstances, please get in contact with the teaching team ASAP.

If you are selected for an interview, scoring is based along the following dimensions:  

  • Team Background: Does the team have the mix of skills needed?
  • Team Chemistry: Will the team work well together? Will they get along?
  • Passion for Idea: How passionate/excited do they seem about the idea?
  • Excitement for Class: Did they demonstrate an eagerness to learn and grow?
  • Commitment to Class: Are they committed to putting in the hours?


  • Teams may not do market research for companies or work for existing companies.
  • No cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or guns-focused ideas.
  • Teams with primarily international customers will have a more difficult time conducting the in-depth customer research needed for this class.